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  • Why you should stay at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel

    9/14/2016 8:53:34 PM Link |  | Add comment

    When people plan their Disney vacation they sometimes ask if it is better to stay on Disney grounds or save money by staying off Disney grounds. I always encourage people to stay at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels and this is why:

























    ~ It is SO MUCH more convenient

    You are much closer to the parks and it is much more convenient. Trust me on this.

    ~ There is transportation to and from the parks
    There is transportation via bus or monorail to and from the Walt Disney World parks, water parks, and Disney Springs. This saves you money in parking. Plus it is much easier than packing the kids up in the car seats and then unloading them again. 

    ~ You get the whole Disney experience
    The Walt Disney World Resorts hotels are so much fun. They have the best rooms, pools, and amenities. Plus the whole Disney theme is everywhere which makes the whole experience magical. 

    ~ You can get good deals
    You can get good deals on Walt Disney World hotels. In fact, right now there is a great deal going on. If you book now through October 8th you can get 20% off select rooms at Walt Disney World Resort hotels! The travel windows are:
    Nov. 6-Nov. 10th
    Nov. 13-Nov. 22
    Nov. 26-Dec. 23

    Give us a call for more information about these great deals. 

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